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Interface Review

A review of an item, e.g of an Article, or SoftwareSourceCode.




Optional about

about: Thing[]

Optional alternateNames

alternateNames: string[]

Optional authors

authors: (Organization | Person)[]

Optional comments

comments: Comment[]

Optional content

content: Node[]

Optional dateAccepted

dateAccepted: Date

Optional dateCreated

dateCreated: Date

Optional dateModified

dateModified: Date

Optional datePublished

datePublished: Date

Optional dateReceived

dateReceived: Date

Optional description

description: string | InlineContent[] | BlockContent[]

Optional editors

editors: Person[]

Optional fundedBy

fundedBy: (Grant | MonetaryGrant)[]

Optional funders

funders: (Organization | Person)[]

Optional genre

genre: string[]

Optional id

id: string

Optional identifiers

identifiers: (string | PropertyValue)[]

Optional images

images: (string | ImageObject)[]

Optional isPartOf

Optional itemReviewed

itemReviewed: Thing

Optional keywords

keywords: string[]

Optional licenses

licenses: (string | CreativeWorkTypes)[]

Optional maintainers

maintainers: (Organization | Person)[]

Optional meta

meta: {}

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: any

Optional name

name: string

Optional parts

Optional publisher

publisher: Organization | Person

Optional references

references: (string | CreativeWorkTypes)[]

Optional reviewAspect

reviewAspect: string

Optional text

text: string

Optional title

title: string | InlineContent[]


type: "Review"

Optional url

url: string

Optional version

version: string | number

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