A mathematical variable or equation.


Name @id Type Description Inherited from
text schema:text string The text of the equation in the language. Math
errors stencila:errors Array of string Errors that occurred when parsing the math equation. See note 2. Math
id schema:id string The identifier for this item. Entity
mathLanguage stencila:mathLanguage string The language used for the equation e.g tex, mathml, asciimath. Math
meta stencila:meta object Metadata associated with this item. Entity


  1. This is a base type for MathFragment and MathBlock and should not normally be instantiated. This type has a similar structure and purpose to Code which is a base type for CodeFragment, CodeBlock etc.
  2. errors : This property is an array of strings. Compare this to CodeChunk.errors which is an array of CodeError nodes. Strings are considered to be sufficient for math parsing errors which usually won’t have stack traces, line numbers etc.

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