All type schemas that are derived from CreativeWork


@id Type Description
schema:CreativeWork CreativeWork A creative work, including books, movies, photographs, software programs, etc.
schema:Article Article An article, including news and scholarly articles.
schema:AudioObject AudioObject An audio file
schema:Claim Claim A claim represents specific reviewable facts or statements.
schema:Collection Collection A created collection of CreativeWorks or other artefacts.
schema:Comment Comment A comment on an item, e.g on a Article, or SoftwareSourceCode.
stencila:Datatable Datatable A table of data.
stencila:Figure Figure Encapsulates one or more images, videos, tables, etc, and provides captions and labels for them.
schema:ImageObject ImageObject An image file.
schema:MediaObject MediaObject A media object, such as an image, video, or audio object embedded in a web page or a downloadable dataset.
schema:Periodical Periodical A periodical publication.
schema:PublicationIssue PublicationIssue A part of a successively published publication such as a periodical or publication volume, often numbered.
schema:PublicationVolume PublicationVolume A part of a successively published publication such as a periodical or multi-volume work.
schema:Review Review A review of an item, e.g of an Article, or SoftwareSourceCode.
schema:SoftwareApplication SoftwareApplication A software application.
schema:SoftwareSourceCode SoftwareSourceCode Computer programming source code. Example: Full (compile ready) solutions, code snippet samples, scripts, templates.
schema:Table Table A table.
schema:VideoObject VideoObject A video file.

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