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Python interpreter for executable documents

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This is the Python implementation of an interpreter capable of interpreting executable documents defined in JSON using Stencila Schema.


Pyla is available as a Python package,

pip3 install stencila-pyla


Register Pyla so that it can be discovered by other executors on your machine,

python3 -m stencila.pyla register

Then, if you have ``executa` <https://github.com/stencila/executa>`_ installed then you can run it using the repl command and specifying python as the starting language,

executa repl python



To install the packages needed for development, run make setup or,

pip3 install --user --upgrade -r requirements-dev.txt

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There are two options to run the interpreter without installing this package (which can be useful when developing).

Use setup.py develop

Run python3 setup.py develop which will link this library into your site packages directory. You can then execute documents with the above command.

Change into stencila folder

You can run the interpreter as a module by changing into the stencila directory first, and then omitting the stencila namespace:

$ cd stencila
$ python3 -m pyla execute <inputfile> <outputfile> [parameters]


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