Union type for valid inline content.


@id Type Description
schema:AudioObject AudioObject An audio file
stencila:Cite Cite A reference to a CreativeWork that is cited in another CreativeWork.
stencila:CiteGroup CiteGroup A group of `Cite` nodes
stencila:CodeExpression CodeExpression An expression defined in programming language source code.
stencila:CodeFragment CodeFragment Inline code.
stencila:Delete Delete Content that is marked for deletion
stencila:Emphasis Emphasis Emphasised content.
schema:ImageObject ImageObject An image file.
stencila:Link Link A hyperlink to other pages, sections within the same document, resources, or any URL.
stencila:MathFragment MathFragment A fragment of math, e.g a variable name, to be treated as inline content.
schema:MediaObject MediaObject A media object, such as an image, video, or audio object embedded in a web page or a downloadable dataset.
stencila:NontextualAnnotation NontextualAnnotation Inline text that has a non-textual annotation.
stencila:Note Note Additional content which is not part of the main content of a document.
stencila:Quote Quote Inline, quoted content.
stencila:Strong Strong Strongly emphasised content.
stencila:Subscript Subscript Subscripted content.
stencila:Superscript Superscript Superscripted content.
schema:VideoObject VideoObject A video file.


  1. Note that this definition currently does not include array and object nodes (which are included in Node). This seems incongruent, and may be changed in the future. The order of these types is important because it determines the order of attempted coercion (particularly important for primitive types).

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